Gemstones of Jaipur

Jewelleries and gemstones undoubtedly dominate the land of Maharajas, famously known as the Pink City. Jaipur is famous for its fabulous jewellery designs. No other place can surpass the Gemstone Cutting of Jaipur. The intricate ornaments, studded with finely cut jewelleries, certainly serve as the best souvenirs for the tourists to take back. The simple fact that almost 85 percent of world’s diamonds are cut at Jaipur, explains the integral part played by the gem cutters of Jaipur. Sourcing rough gemstones are just one side of the coin while cutting and polishing them is an entirely new story. From sapphires to emeralds and blood red rubies to various categories of diamonds, almost all types of gemstones are cut in Jaipur.

The ‘gemstone capital of the world’ is also regarded as one of the leading regions for gemstone cutting and polishing. Even in the international arena, Jaipur is one of the most famous cities when it comes to gemstone cutting. Although various advanced technologies have invaded the market, gemstone cutting, polishing, jewellery designing and creation is still performed the traditional way. It is done manually which enhances the charm and grace of gemstones jewellery. 

Gemstone // Image Courtesy – Silvesto India

Apart from rich heritage and traditions, the desert city is globally in demand for its vast jewellery and gemstone industry. Initially, Jaipur was known only for the fine cutting and polishing of coloured gemstones. But eventually this pink city gained compliments and fame in the field of handmade jewellery too. Currently, the city provides a wide range of exquisite gold, silver and other types of jewellery. By providing world class quality at brilliant rates for coloured gemstones and stone studded ornaments, Jaipur has emerged as one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of gemstones in the global sector.

Be it the semi-precious stones, precious stones or gemstones, the skilled artisans of Jaipur transform each rough gemstone into a spectacular piece of beauty. Giving it outstanding cuts shapes and designs, these artisans craft gemstones and jewellery which represent perfect creativity and perseverance. You would be amazed to know that not only gemstones jewellery shops but also other jewellery markets of Jaipur are full of business owners that are running jewellery business in their families for generations. It is also a matter of pride that multiple generations of gemstone cutters are serving the gemstone and jewellery market of Jaipur for centuries. Proficient creativity and extensive experience blended with the latest technologies in gemstone cutting and polishing is the common trait that can be observed in the jewellery items of Jaipur.

The unique combinations of coloured gemstones with authentic silver create a fine range of handcrafted jewellery in Jaipur. It is also an amazing trait that sterling silver jewellery in Jaipur is available in both rich traditional designs and contemporary patterns. The ethical as well the contemporary ornaments of Jaipur is in great demand all across the globe. Don’t forget to explore all the heritage stores in Jaipur that serves premium grade gemstones and stone studded jewelleries.

These are not just jewellery items but speak volumes about the brilliant talent, passion, perseverance, knowledge and experience of many craftsmen. If you happen to visit the capital city of Rajasthan, do not forget to check out the local markets that are home to amazing jewelleries.

An extensive variety of coloured gemstones is found in the pink city. The gemstone and jewellery industry of Jaipur is famous worldwide for its exclusive designs, perfect stone cutting, polishing, retail as well as efficient manufacturing. Jaipur is a great place if you want to explore and enlighten yourself about the journey of a rough gemstone that is cut, polished, designed and then finally transformed into a wonderful piece of jewellery.

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