Majestic Marbles Of Makrana

Rajasthan is famous for its historical saga and magnificent art and architecture. The royal state of Rajasthan is world famous for its Rajputana Culture. One of the famous art of Rajasthan is Marble Handicrafts. The posh vibes of marbles with its exquisite texture certainly adds a character to your home or wherever it is used.

The roots of marble crafting can be traced back to the Mughals emperors who trained and patronized the proficient craftsmen in the crafting of marble and later on, they flourished under the Rajput rulers. And most of the kings from Rajputana legacy were from the land of Rajasthan. Thus, later on the desert state became home to Marble Handicrafts.

The Marble artefacts and items range from vases to marble lamps and marble home decors like marble paintings and decorative marble pen stands. Marble is also used for crafting items of pooja ghars or temples

There are many types of marble found in India, but Makrana marble is one of the finest qualities which are found in Rajasthan. Major of the marble handicrafts in Rajasthan are made from Makrana Marble. These marbles are of very good quality and handicrafts made from this marble are the best types. The artefacts narrate a story of their own. Magical hands of artisans transform the mere marbles to mesmerizing and striking products. There are numerous varieties of Marble Handicrafts present which are adored by tourists from all over the world.

The painting of these marble items is a next level skill. Not all artisans have the expertise of painting with the fine brush strokes and glossy colours. The painted Marble Handicrafts becomes a beautiful piece of art. The finely detailed motifs render a lively touch to the handicrafts. Also, the designs on the surface involve traditional art forms. There are plenty of painting styles which you can see on these Marble Handicrafts. You can visualize splendid Madhubani paintings with lovely hues. The traditional Rajasthani style Bani-Thani paintings are also portrayed on different marble lamps. There is a stone work which is complimentary to it.

Stone work is the assemblage of an array of various stones stuck on the surface such as Kundan, gem stones or glass stones a plenty of shades. After painting the surface of the marble handicrafts, to adorn the Marble artefact these stones are engraved with the paintings. The stone work accentuates the product more and gives it a luxury and posh touch.

Even if you are not a native of Rajasthan or haven’t visited the state ever, still you should get at least one artefact of marble for yourself. It can be a statement piece for your house. Adorning one’s lovely home with classic marble artefacts is definitely the best option one can think of.

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