The Magnificent Metalwork of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is home to some of the delicate and most refined metal works of Rajasthan. Enamel work on silver that is used to craft a variety of stuffs from tiny boxes to beautiful figurine- is certainly well known. Brass enamel is less expensive and can be seen more i.e. from surfaces of table to dancing peacocks to elegant elephants and dancing camels, daggers and shields. Metal work has been a rage in Rajasthan since long. But currently trending are the wrought iron products which has more modern vibes than the cultural or traditional ones.

Indian craftsmen have always portrayed Excellency in carving, engraving and ornamenting skills. Materials used are gold and silver, which are carved into articles of daily purposes. The metal ware of Rajasthan consists of artistic brass work, enamelled, engraved and filigree cut work on silver. The native engravers from the pink city have mastered the medium of engraving on metal.

Ancient silver items like water containers, spice bottles, baskets and trays are popular on a global scale. White metal articles have an international demand too. Thus, the exports of metal ware have increased manifold. Water carrier called badla- a speciality of Jodhpur, is made of zinc. It is in huge demand in Rajasthan as well as outside the state. They are usually round, semi-circular or rectangular and comes with pre-installed ice chambers and taps.

In Koftgari or damascening handicraft is popularly practiced in Jaipur and its neighbouring states. In this craft, one metal is encrusted into another in the form of wire. Items crafted from the technique of koftgiri are swords, daggers and shields.

Lacquered and engraved brassware renders an amazing feel to the handcrafted products like hanging lamps, boxes, bowls, culinary items, picture frames, home decors and plates. Traditional patterns are used in different techniques such as hammered, chased or embossed and the designs mostly showcase plants, flowers, hunting scenes and landscapes.

In Jaipur, the various types of engraving are – Marori, Chikan and Bichi work. First one comprises of delicately lacquered designs embellishing the entire surface. The second one or the chikan means vibrant floral ornamentation against a chased and lacquered background and the last one-bichi is a beautiful pattern of flowers and leaves on a lacquered surface.

The brilliancy of metal artisans is portrayed through these marvellous Metal ware available in Rajasthan. Although several crafts have died down, it’s a matter of pride that this craft of carving and engraving metals has gained fame world wide and is still in demand.

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