Abadeh Rug

A hand knotted rug which is well known for its vibrant hues and tribal motifs is the Abadeh Rug that derives it’s name from the town that it originated, that is, the town of Abadeh. It is famous for marquetry, making light cotton summer shoes called givehs, and for magnificent hand-woven wool rugs. Situated on the central road between Isfahan and Shiraz in the Fars Province of Iran, lies the small town of Abadeh.

Abadeh rugs are popular not only in the local market but also on a global scale. The rug industry of Abadeh flourished from the mid-twentieth century. By the late twentieth century, several rug weavers from Abadehevolved their original designs to contemporary ones in order to make carpets and rugs in the styles of other weaving regions in Iran. This was done to meet the growing demands of domestic as well as international consumers.Several women of Qashqai origin are involved in this craft. They ply their centuries old craft basicallythrough flat woven style knots which in turn createsexemplary rugs. These carpets are not only strong and durable but also closely and finely knotted.

Abadeh Rugs can be recognised by their distinguishing features which depend upon several factors- colours, shapes, sizes, knot count and designs.

The base colours of Abadeh rugs are primarily intones of red but hues of gold, blues, turquoise, camel, and ivory are also seen. The borders generally consist of reds or dark blues. Other shades in the colour palette includelush green, brown, cinnamon, and muted grey. There are used for adorning the flowers and design elements. For the outlines,dark brown or black was used.

The designs are geometric in nature and draws inspiration from shiraz regional tribal styles. The patterns are arranged homogenously or in the formof single or multiple medallions in the centre of the field. Usually, they resemble lozenges and are surrounded by stylized Hook motifs. Tiny flower heads, leaves, tendrils, fauna and birds are applied in while designing the field. AncientAbadeh rugs, especially those of premium quality, have the mil Sultan pattern of vase with flower bouquets and birds on both the sides repeated entirely on an ivory background.

Abadeh rug grade quality is medium to fine, with tribal pile wool of high class quality. The rugs were made with a double weft and are durable.The Persian or asymmetric knot is used in manufacturing these rugs. The rugs have a cotton base and a woollen pile. The dimensions of rug ranges from mats tosmall  to medium size rugs. Huge quantities of rugs in square shape which are suitable for the European market, were manufactured. Abadeh rugs are woven in hamlets on smaller looms which are usually kept in the living room or main bedroom and can take from a few months up to two years to finish off. The time period entirely depends on the size of the rug. Due to the surge in demands of the Abadeh rugs, the authentic ones are getting exported world wide. Thus, even if you stay faraway from Abadeh, it can be easily accessible to you.

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