Heriz Rugs: A Heritage Woven Art

Heriz rugs falls under the category of Persian rugs. They are a legendary weaving craft that are hand crafted by the weavers who live in a small hamlet near Mount Sabalan in the Azerbaijan, Iran. It’s quite interesting that this remote village is the place where some of the most striking Persian rugs originated. Heriz rugs are famous for their aesthetic appeal and long lasting nature. The rug comes in bright hues with a distinguishing character. They are a bit heavy and possess more tenacity than most other types of Persian rugs.

There are plenty of reasons to choose Heriz over other types of rugs. While each type of Persian rug has its own unique qualities that make them immensely popular, the one quality of Heriz rugs that sets them apart is their durability. The secret behind the rug’s resilience lies in the water that is found around the area. The copper enriching Mount Sabalanadds the property of tenacity to the rugs. When the sheep around this region drink this water, they also take in some amount of copper. This in turn affects the texture and quality of their wool. Rugs made from this wool tend to be more durable and longer-lasting. In fact, another Persian rug is hard to find that is so tough.

The Signature property of a Heriz Rug lies in the shades and knots used by the Heriz weavers. They use their own customized design and type of knots when working on their outstanding creations. A Heriz rug is a delight to look at. It has a coarse appearance which brings out its textures. This is due to the knot count of the rug. A Heriz rug can have a knot count between thirty- forty knots per square inches to around hundred knots per square inch. Heriz with a higher knot count is hard to find. Another unique characteristic of the rug is its energetic color palette. The rug has a cotton foundation with woolen pile. The artisans use natural vegetable dyes to dye the wool which indicates that the rugs are completely devoid of chemicals. Another unique trait inherent to Heriz rugs is the technique of dyeing. It is called the Abrash technique. The dyeing method allows the artisan to weave a rug with a wide range of hues of a single color. Due to the presence of trace amounts of copper in the wool, the rug develops a patina as time passes by. This enhances the look of the rug.

Heriz rugs can be seen in an array of multiple shades that range from deep reds and brilliant blues to charming yellows and vibrant greens. These colors highlight the rugs and are eye-catching due to the ivory cream base. One can identify a Heriz rug because of its exclusive design. The most conspicuous property of the design is the geometric motifs. Heriz rugs will always have a large medallion in the middle with corner spandrels in white and a border. The weavers always create the design on their own and try to incorporate the elements of nature, like foliage and tendrils to obtain spectacular results.

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