The hand-woven and hand-tufted rugs and carpets have owned India’s economy since ages. Adding a handcrafted carpet to your living room will not only render it an outstanding character but jazz up the entire interiors. The rugs crafted in India have a multi-cultural influence over them and thus can be categorized into various categories. This article will let you delve into the rugs of Mongolian influence and its heritage.

The origin of the Mongolian Rags can be traced back to the era of Genghis Khan in Mongolia. After conquering Persia along with a huge area of the rest of the world, Genghis Khan’s soldiers brought back knowledge of variegated forms of art. It was this vast learning of weaving imbibed from the conquered Persians that formed the core of the Mongolian craft. As we know Mongolians have a vast empire which is spread across several regions, it encompasses an array of cultures. Therefore, the rugs they weaved often had a variety of influences from across the globe.

Mongolian carpets derive a sumptuous amount of design aesthetics from South Asian countries.As of we know, Mongolian rugs are subjected to Persian influence but let me enlighten you on its Chinese influences too. Mongolian rugs are designed with similar motifs and intricacies as Chinese rugs but in a less complicated manner. Due to simplification, the Mongolian motifs develop geometrical shapes.

Figurative motifs of animals like tigers and dragons as well as endless knots and Buddhist symbols are similar in both Chinese and Mongolian weaving. Unlike Chinese rugs, however, Mongolian rugs hardly showcasebright and vibrant hues. The hues found on Mongolian rugs are usually brown and muted red. Their colour pallet is mostly inclined towards earthy tones. Mongolian carpets also constitutes of more negative space to separate each portion of the design.

The Mongolian Rugs render an antique touch to the surroundings of the space, where they are placed. They provide the open designs and neutral shades that complement contemporary settings. They are the perfect designer rugs with a heritage finish that can accentuate any interior and level up its aura without even slightly damaging the balance or overall aesthetics of the place.

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