Rugs and carpets are considered to be one of the central pieces of interior decoration. On such rugs is the Moroccan Rugs that draws inspiration from the Berber’s tribe of Paleolithic Age.  There’s something about the tranquility and subtlety of the Moroccan rug that always lightens up the mood and accentuates the positive vibes. Probably the tribal influence adds that magical charm to it. Not just wonderful weaves, but the underlying tales behind it which makes it fascinating. In the next few paragraphs, you shall be enlightened by the craft and brilliant hand skills of weaving by the artisans that lead to such spell bounding rugs inspired from the tribes of Morocco.

The rich history can be traced back to the era prior to seventh century. Berber’s were people of North Africa who inhabited Morocco before invasion. One positive aspect of the craft is that, many of these tribes still earn a living from weaving like their ancestors several centuries ago. In this era of dying crafts, its good to see that some crafts are still getting passed on generation wise.

The design of this rug is highly significant. It is an interesting characteristic that every motif in a Moroccan rug tells a tale which is visualize in numerous old rocks and ancient paintings of those regions. These patterns are combined to tell the story of the weaver or its community. Infact, geometric patterns have significant meanings in femininity, spirituality and male protection.

The designs can actually mean a lot. For example, in some, the central portion of the rug consists of the diamond shaped motifs which symbolizes frog. They come as a part of a tiny tale from the historical past of fantasy. The frogs were seen as a symbol of fertility because of their capacity to lay a large number of eggs. Giving birth to whole new life requires exuding powers and hence came the matter of protecting this virtue. The surrounding areas are sometimes adorned with the crisscross lines which illustrates skeleton of fishes and snakes. Skeletons of fishes and snakes are considered auspicious. They are believed to possess entrancing command to keep the community protected from spells and bad omens.

The use of such creative language for adornment by weavers was very meaningful.  It is basically asking for blessings and then building a shield of auspicious people around it, as if protecting the balance of life from the outside world. Moroccan rugs are a weaver’s way of sending his or her blessings as well as a piece of decorating your humble home.

Deciphering a Moroccan Rug is an interesting task as it inculcates the Moroccan heritage and several stories into it. Different symbols say a different story as if the weaver is trying to convey a message through them. But no matter what message they convey, one thing which is evidently visible is the painstaking labor, passion and love of the artisan behind the work. Moroccan rugs are certainly one of a kind which can lift up any interiors.

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