Tales of Eco-friendly Jute

In this era of sustainability and green revolution, eco-friendly alternative to every unsustainable item is the need of the hour. One such understated but an outstanding natural fiber is Jute. From amazing artefacts to splendid handicrafts, jute crafts can steal your heart.  Home decors made from jute are very appealing and are just perfect to jazz up the dearest corners of your living room, offices, restaurants, hotels, and any such interiors.  The craft is not only versatile but is immensely attractive. Several kinds of utility based crafts and items are made from jute that not only highlights the household but also finds extensive use. The handmade jute artefacts are painstakingly made the artisans from Bengal and are available in a vast range of designs, shapes, hues and sizes.

There are tons of reasons to choose Jute over any other variety of artefacts made from man-made fibers. Jute is extracted naturally from the fibers of jute plant that is obtained after soaking in water for a long time. This is a pure, natural and completely biodegradable fiber which ensures the cleanliness of the surroundings and keeps the lush green environment intact. There are no complications in disposing an old jute bag or any product of jute as they are nature friendly.

This magical fiber possesses an array of utilities. Apart from being environment friendly, the jute crafts render a natural and soothing appeal to the place where they are placed. There are countless varieties of jute crafts that are being used for decoration purposes on a global scale. Jute industry also generates employment to countless numbers of farmers, artisans, skilled labor from rural areas and traders who are involved in making variegated categories of jute crafts and artefacts.

There are a wide variety of Jute Crafts including rugs, carpets, bottle holders, footwear, wine bottle bags, re-usable carry bags, handbags, wall hangings, jewelry, baskets, coasters, lamp shades, decorative articles and showpieces. These jute crafts are available in all colors in the market or craft fairs, giving wide choices to customers. High grade jute threads are used in the apparel industry and other items that face high demand both in India and abroad. Due to international trade fairs and use of jute in the export industry, the outreach of jute has levelled up in the recent years in the global market as compared to the market demands a decade back.

The cost of Jute handcrafted artefacts and products are overall cheap. Compared to other agro products, jute is much affordable, but, when compared to factory made fibers, Jute is slightly on the costly side. However, the fact that jute is 100% natural, eco-friendly, and biodegradable should not be overlooked.

The raw material is mainly extracted from Bengal as there Jute plants are grown extensively there. One plus point of the jute industry is Bengal is located close to Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Orissa from where one can easily hire cheap manual labors for manufacturing jute products. However, there are many brilliant craftsmen who are designing and developing jute artefacts these days with the valuable inputs of designers.

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