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iPad Academy Linking Your iPad to a television or projector: How to have the top photo

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8 thoughts on “ linking Your iPad up to a projector or tv: How to have the Big Picture ”

Should show up very nearly straight away. May be the projector set to your source that is correct input? May prefer to choose the input, a switch in the projector, to identify the VGA connector. Additionally, test on another device such as for instance a computer that is common having a VGA connector. Always check also that the VGA dock connector is firmly attached to the iPad. The sign could be interrupted whenever the iPad is moved by you and also the cable tugs on that connector.

I’ve attempted to link a projector to my ipad2 using Ipad VGA connector however it doesn”t work. Can there be any special environment to make it happen? Many thanks for attention.

hi..try to get in touch the ipad to a benq projector (got the adaptor) nevertheless the projector can t get the signal….any concept? thanks

To see output on a projector, you need to be operating an application enabling projection. We mention several close to the end of my article above. Here’s another reference.

thanks andy, will check always this…. ronny

I would like know if it is possible to hook up Ipad to a wireless LCd projector,if just what exactly is the quality together with streaming rate,would it be fast sufficient to help a presenation without the time lags to be able to appear as one continous stream your opionion will be very appreciated

I’m not alert to any solution to transfer content from the iPad over WiFi right to a projector. Solutions do occur to transfer from some type of computer to a projector without cables. One involves an adapter attached with a projector.

Neither has adequate bandwidth for complete motion movie, though simple animations with PowerPoint or Keynote should work.

I really believe that which you have actually asked for is technically feasible and will be welcome into the marketplace that is iPad. Exactly How might this work? For instance, we all know the USB adapter into the camera that is iPad kit works together a couple of other USB devices. A few of the adapters that are wireless projectors make use of a USB transmitter attached to the pc. If the movie out of the iPad could communicate with this USB adapter then it might be able to send presentations wirelessly. Other adapters connect with projectors that are existingNEC makes one) and use computer software packed using the pc to send the transmission to your projector. Therefore it are feasible to code an ipad application that works with this kind of adaptor.

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